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Allergy, Asthma and Sinusitis

AAAAI Web Site
The home page of one of the main allergy societies. It was recently revised and won several awards.
AAFA Chapter List
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has various affiliates in the United States. They provide lots of information for patients
AARRC (Allergy and Asthma Rochester Resource Center)
Lots of information about allergies including pollen description and medication descriptions.
Allergy Asthma Technology, Ltd.
Allergy and Asthma Supply Company
Allergy Control Products
They supply many allergy products for the home.
Allergy Shop
Mail order allergy supplies
Allergy mail order supplies
AllerDays Allergy Resource Center:
Hoechst Marion Roussel (drug company) home page includes a listserv discussion group
Allergic and Non-Allergic Rhinitis
Lots of information about nasal symptoms from National Jewish Hospital
Allergies - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Many allergy resources on the internet
Allergy and Asthma FAQ Page
Long list of allergy and asthma resources
Allergy Clean Environments
Allergy supplies by mail order including air filters, mattress and pillow covers, etc.
Allergy Home Care Products
Allergy supplies for the home.
Allergy Mailing List, Prevention, Self-Care
If you subscribe, you'll get several pieces of email daily about allergy
Allergy newsgroup
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Online
This site has many links about allergy including an Asthma Life Quality Test, but it is very difficult to connect.
American Allergy Supply Home Page
Allergy supply source
Asthma Control Home
Glaxo Pharmaceuticals home page with asthma information and also ways to get regular updates about asthma
Asthma Mailing list
Send an email which says "sub ASTHMA-L your name" to listserv@sjuvm.stjohns.edu
Asthma newsgroup
Daniel Suez MD, Allergy Asthma and Immunology Clinic
Contains information about Latex allergies, an increasingly important allergy
Doctor C's Ear, Nose, & Throat Page
Various information about different ENT diseases.
Easy Breathe OnLine Store
Allergy Products Online
Mail order wheat, yeast, egg, milk free foods.
Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief
KLI CORP in Carmel Indiana makes a throat spray that some people have found useful for sinusitis. They can also be reached at 1-800-308-7452 Fax: (317)846-1676 or send email to Entertainers Secret Throat Relief
International Food Information Council Foundation
Information about Food Safety
Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Home Page
The political arm for allergists. They have also published the Practice Parameters on Sinusitis
Latex Allergy Links
Endless links on latex allergy
Lots of medical information, including access to Medline,as well as my contribution: Sinusitis: A Practical guide for physicians.
Mothers of Asthmatics
A great organization for asthmatics to belong to
National Allergy Bureau Report
Daily pollen counts
National Jewish Center Med Facts Subject List
Lots of topics in allergy, immunology and asthma discussed
NELCO Laboratories Home Page
They can do mold cultures and are an allergy extract supplier
A device for accurately counting the number of doses left in any inhaler
Nose mailing list
This is a research mailing list about the nose. If you wish to join, send the following message without the " ":
"join nose" "your first name" "your last name"
Otolaryngology Resources on the Internet
Many ENT resources on the internet
Priorities Allergy Relief and a Healthy Home - Home Page 800-553-5398
Order many allergy products from this company.
Schering Allergy & Respiratory
The home page for Claritin, the antihistamine.
Sinucare provides intravenous antibiotics on an outpatient basis to patients with chronic sinusitis who have not responded to other forms of therapy. It is possible that this may be used as an alternative for surgery.
Sinus Surgery
Numerous pictures of the inside of the nose and what is used in sinus surgery
Sinusitis newsgroup
Sinusitis: A treatment plan that works for asthma and allergy too- WS Tichenor M.D.
Comprehensive information about sinusitis,allergy, and asthma. But I guess you already knew that.
The Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Home Page
You can ask questions online from an ENT doctor
The Immune Deficiency Foundation
Support group for people with immune deficiency
The Food Allergy Network
A great resource for people with food allergies
The On-line Ear, Nose, and Throat Consultant
Dr. Grossan's home page. Has the nasal irrigator.
Welcome to Allergy Supply Company
Allergy supplies of all kinds

Art and Literature

Paris Pages Musee duLouvre
Shakespeare Homepage
Complete works
The Internet Public Library
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Virtual Library: Museums
Many links to museums
WebMuseum: Bienvenue!
More museums


Search newspapers for jobs


AT and T Home Page

Computer graphics

Welcome to the Hexidecimal Color Code
Information about www colors

Computer Plug-Ins

Download the Adobe Reader
Download Adobe Acrobat, the document reader
Netscape Plug-ins
Cool additions to Netscape
RealAudio Homepage
The standard for audio
Shockwave: Plug-In Center
One of the most popular plug-ins
Tumbleweed Software: Envoy Plug-in


A1's Directory of FREE WWW Web Page Promotion Sites
Ways of promoting your website
Adobe Systems Inc. Home Page
The software website
Art and the Zen of Web Sites
Thoughts about setting up websites
One of the best information pages around for building a website
Creating Web Graphics
Includes information about anti-aliasing
Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.5)
Composing Language for websites
Doctor HTML
Contains lots of information to check your home page with checking tools.
GLOVER.COM - The Web Site & Pages of Jeffrey M. Glover
Do's and don'ts of web pages
Harbinger NET Services HTML Validation
This site will check a URL for correct coding
How do they do that with HTML
Many suggestions about using unusual techniques in HTML
How to Download HotDog Software
This is what I used to design this website
Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 - Document Structure
Contains information about HTML language - used to write websites
Introduction to HTML and URLs
Basic introduction to the language of the web.
Learning HTML
A good starting resource for learning the language of websites
Let AAA Internet Promotions Promote Your Web Site
Website promotions
Linkosaurus URL Submission Service
One of several sites that will promote your website
Lynda's Homegurrlpage
She wrote a book on Designing Web Graphics
PhotoDisc: Royalty free digital stock photography
Seattle FilmWorks
They will develop your film in digital format as well as standard
Submit It! Inc.
This site will submit your website to many search engines
Detects computer problems for Windows 95
Templates for web pages
Lots of templates for cool web pages
The Hottest Virtual Server With the Lowest Prices!
Service provider with good graphics
The Ultimate Collection of WinsockSoftware
Locations to get popular software
Web-Counter Home Page
A web counter
WebCom Guide
Information about the provider company and publicizing your web site
Web Site Garage
One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site
Welcome to PC/Computing
Website of one of the most popular PC magazines
Welcome to TuneUp.com
Windows 95 virus protection. They will basically do it for you and it's not expensive.
Welcome to Web Communications
A leading web provider

Cool sites

100hot websites
What's Cool?- Netscapes latest favorites

Education and Children

Ameritech Family Resources
A general information resource
Ask Jeeves
Ask a general question and Jeeves will answer
FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page
K-12 On the Internet
Kids internet sources
National Child Care Information Center
SuperKids Educational Software Review
The Ultimate TV List: Childrens Shows List


Lists from various cities
The James Beard Foundation
One of the best know American chefs has a foundation where chefs from around the United States cook.
The WineBiz
Lots of information about wine
Zip Codes
Look up Zip Codes from the Post office.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Make sure to visit this if you are traveling out of the country
CNN/Time AllPolitics
Political news
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Check out the ten most wanted list !
Internal Revenue Service
It's faster than calling - download forms, etc
Library of Congress
NASA Information Services
Vote Smart Web
All kinds of political information
Welcome to the White House
Drop by and say hello

Internet Service Providers

INX Rates
A popular ISP in New York City
NETCOM Home Page
The List
The list of internet service providers
WebWrite Productions Home Page
Welcome to Concentric


This is my wife's favorite site on the www
Master Calendar - Best Buys - Randall Ian Stempler
This website is by a friend of mine. He has a long list of charity events, and also great computer buys. Great graphics !
MovieLink 777-FILM Online
Movie information
Your Guide to Pets on the Internet!


Achoo On-line Healthcare Services - Home Page:
Resource list of medical internet sources
Beth Israel Health Care System
CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
List of clinical trials to use new drugs not yet approved by the FDA.
CliniWeb Feedback
Search for medical information
ChronicIllnet HIT
Multiple chronic illnesses
Dr. Richard M. Bachrach - Center for Sports and Osteopathic Medicine
Information about sportsmedicine, physical therapy, etc.
Food and Drug Administration Home Page
If you would like to read the Talk Paper on Churg-Strauss Syndrome caused by Accolate, go to FDA Talk Paper.
Health on the Net Foundation
Various sites for support for medical problems
JHMI-InfoNet: Patient Advocacy Groups
Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library
Many medical references
MedConnect - Information Services for the Medical Community
Many medical links, also CME material on the internet
MEDICAL MATRIX 3.3.26: Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources
Many medical references
MedicineNet (TM) Home Page -- A FREE Medical Reference
Many medical topics
MedSeek - Internet Directory to Physicians and Services
Listing of many U. S. physicians
MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources
Many medical links.
Parents' Page
General Pediatrics information
The Doctors' Home Page
AOL members page for Doctors with a lot of links
Welcome to The Science of Obesity and Weight Control
The doctor who developed this website wrote an article which inspired me to start my website
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Access to Medline, grants, and many other items.

Recreation and Sports

One of the best sports sites
SportsLine USA
The Consummate Skiing List
Links to innumerable ski websites
The Hampton Classic
The local horse show
The National Park Service

Search engines

All-in-One Search Page
Many search engines in one
AltaVista: Main Page
You can see how many links there are to your home page by going to the AltaVista search engine and typing: +link:http://www.mysite.com -url:http://www.mysite.com
Substitute your site name for "mysite"
CUSI: General Search engine
excite Netsearch
Search more that 11 million web pages
Infoseek search engine
A well laid out search engine
Liszt: Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups
Lynx Users Guide v2.3
Old text based browser
Metacrawler search engine
Lets you tell it how long you'll wait.
Combines many search engines together
Search This Web Site
This is an internic search to look for domain names. It is not a standard search engine
Multiple search engines at one site
The Internet Services List
Yanoff's list of websites: not a true search engine, but one of the largest categorizations of websites
Search for mailing lists which are available
Webmaster Tool Chest: SubmitAll
Submit your website to many search engines
Web Interface to Whois
Search for domain names
Webcrawler search engine
Good help page
Search Engines: What they Are, How They Work, and Practical Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Them
Welcome to Lycos
Welcome to Magellan!
You can limit searches to those suitable for youngsters


Big Yellow - The Biggest Online Yellow Pages Directory


One of the least expensive on-line brokerages
Security APL Quote Server
Stock quotes available
WSJ: Money and Investing Update

The Newsstand

Amazon.com Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore.
Dominis eZines Database
All kinds of magazines
Mercury Center Main Menu
Newspaper with a well known web page
Welcome to Home Arts
Magazine information
The Time-Life and CNN website


Aviation@Landings: Aviation's Busiest Hub in Cyberspace
All kinds of aviation links
Cathay Pacific Airways (airline) - USA and Latin America
Register for special auctions of seats
Information about cities around the world: maps, entertainment, restaurants, etc.
Clay Irving
New York City information
developnet's Interactive Travel Guide
Cheap travel sources
The Official Disney site
Disney Theme Park and Resort Sites
Connections to the Disney sites
Net SAAver Fares
American Airlines has weekly specials which you can have emailed to you, as well as their website.
Shoestring Travel E-zine
All kinds of interesting travel information: trading tickets,exchanging frequent flier miles,booking travel on the internet, etc.
Travelocity Home Page
Lots of great travel bargains
Virtual Tourist II World Map
See the world on your computer


Weather by MSNBC
Weather Information Superhighway
Numerous weather sites

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